Sahyadri Kannada Sangha, Seattle

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Doni Saagali ....

A few months back I had told someone in Sahyadri Kannada Sangha that I will post translation of popular Kannada poems on their website. Now that they have a blog I thought I would post one here.

'Doni Sagali ...' is a poem written by Sri KuVemPu. A very popular song with a profound meaning providing a vendantic approach to life.

One of my students from the Kannada class - Rashmi sang this song to a nice tune during our Kannada School Annual Day.

Here it goes ...

DoNi saagali munde hogali, door teerava seralee
Beesu gaaLige beeLu teLuva, tereya melgade hayalee

Honna gindiya hididu kaiyolu hemavaariya chimakisi
Megha maalege bannaveeyutha yakshlokava hibachis
Nodi moodanada diganthadi thumbuvennina mysirie
Ranjisuthide cheluveyaakege suprabhathhava bayasiri

Kereya anchina mele minchina hanigaLandadi himamaNee,
Minchu tirpuvu moodutaitare baala komala dinamani
Hasiru joLada holada gaaLiyu teedi taNNage barutire
Hudugi haaduva mattakokila maDhuravaaNiya tarutire

Doora bettada meleteluva biLiya modava nodiree
Adane holuta ante teluta doNiyatava naadiree
Naavu leelamaatra jeevaru namma jeevana leelege
Nenne nennege indu indige irali naaLeyu naaLege

As it floats ahead, may the boat bring us to new and far off shores;
weathering the gusty winds may it surf the waves as it proceeds to our destiny.

The first light before the dawn is presenting itself as an young lady bedecked in colors;
she, holding in her hands the golden pot, is sprinkling the divine waters transfiguring the clouds into a divine dreamscape of multitudinous colors.
welcome the magnificent dawn that promises new colors to our lives.

The morning mist over the lake reveals in flashing, many colorfuls pictures
The young and tender 'glory of the day', the Sun, is raising from behind the waves of morning lights at daybreak.
The pleasant wind is blowing through the green jowar fields;
and excited by all this, the nightingale, singing in hiding, is bringing melodies to the air.

As we watch the high flying silver clouds over the mountains,
may we fashion our lives after them and play our role in our sojourn through life.
Knowing that our lives are a 'leela' in the enjoyment of the Lord,
let our lives soar to a state where we transcend beyond time rendering, yesterdays, today and the tomorrows to irrelevance.